About The #1 Team, Top Ranked Since 2012

Why a team? 

By hiring me, you are hiring the team. What's great about a team is you get the combined knowledge and experience of each team member, all working cooperatively to deliver a higher quality of service to you, the client. With over 40 years of combined experience we have been through hundreds of transactions covering just about every Los Angeles neighborhood.

How can our combined experience help you?

Please reach out and let me know! We pride ourselves in providing accurate property valuations (based on relevant comparable sales) and in our deep understanding of the market.

About Rodeo Realty:

We as a real estate team can do so much more when partnered with the right Brokerage. With multiple offices located throughout Southern California, Rodeo Realty is the regions single largest individually-owned real estate brokerage. It's comprised of only high-performing, tightly vetted real estate professionals. Rodeo Realty's unique position in the marketplace allows us (agents) flexibility when working locally, yet provides the resources for a truly global marketing effort to be available at our fingertips.

Company highlights:

1. The #1 Independent Brokerage in the Region, the #2 Brokerage in Los Angeles County

2. Nearly $5 Billion in company-wide sales volume for the past year 2016

3. Over 1,200+ real estate agents

4. Over 130+ full-time employee's